5 Dangerous Habits That Hurt You More Than Smoking



I have come to realize that people only attempt to abstain from doing certain things that they only believe are dangerous or may have been told that they are, whereas in reality there exists a host of other things we do almost daily that have adverse effects on our health,  so whether you accept it or not, these things can even be more dangerous than smoking; let’s find out more about these things.

1. Physical Inactivity

Due to technological advancement, a lot of individuals have become physically inactive. Everything has been reduced to the click of a mouse and the push of a keypad button, workers have grown to be more sedentary than ever and this greatly hampers with the normal growth of the body.

Being physical inactive is on the gateways to developing a heart attack and other cardiovascular related sickness. It is recommended that you engage in a physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day.

2. Carrying Heavy Bag Packs

This is one bad habit that I  have to stop myself, because of studies, I am often left with little options but to carry a lot of reading materials in my bag pack. Now, you must know that doing this repeatedly can significantly affect you shoulder muscles and nerve joints.

Dr. Michael Perry, MD, of the Laser Spine Institute has warned that this habit can affect a person’s posture and even compress delicate nerves and joints in the neck and shoulder.

3. Too Much Time in Front of the TV

Research has proven that watching TV for long hours has numerous effects on your health and personality. A research conducted by the University of Queensland indicated that while smoking can cut an individual’s lifespan by 11 minutes; after the age 25, every hour in front of the TV can cut your life expectancy by 21.8 minutes.

Apart from that, it has also been indicated that sitting down for long hours can increase your risk of developing cancer of the colon and other endometrial cancers.

4. Picking your Nose Frequently

Yes! Picking your nose! As humorous and irrelevant as it may seem, picking your nose frequently is a bad habit that has negative health effects. Using the same hand/finger you have used to touch other things, without washing it and then put it in your nose can increase your risk of exposing your body to bacteria and infections.

5. Insufficient Rest

I always associate the human body to a machine, if it continues to work for long hours without intermittently shutting down or being repaired, it will eventually crash. When you close your eyes to take a nap, you allow your body to rebuild its cells and strengthen your vitals.

it is recommended that you have at least 6-8 hours of sleep in a day, if this is not be achievable because of a pending task or exams or something, ensure that as soon as you are finally done whatsoever you have doing, that you pay off yourself by having a good time rest; it will greatly help to rejuvenate your body and refresh your brain cells.

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