5 Ways to Prevent Cancer


What is cancer?

Cancer, the abnormal progressive reproduction of cells in the body that could later on form tumors in different organs of the body, is very deadly. The cause of some types of cancer hasn’t yet been identified, thus making the prevention of cancer is  quite difficult. But here are some effective ways that generally limit the risk of suffering from cancer.

1. Avoid being underweight or overweight

Your weight should always be in check as being overweight or underweight. It has been related to certain cancers. Regularly watch what you eat and while losing weight, be mindful to not lose so much weight. Likewise, while trying to gain weight be careful as not to become obese.

2. Workout regularly

Regular workout not only helps you to lose weight but also keeps you fit. Three sessions of exercise in the gym a week, could be very helpful in keeping your body fit. Simple regular exercises, like walking or jogging a distance, are advised.

3. Quit smoking

People who smoke are at a very high risk of developing cancer than people who do not smoke. Smoking is said to be one of the major cause of some types of cancers like lung cancer. Substances contained in a cigarette not only put you at the risk of suffering from cancer but also put your total state of health at risk.

4. Moderate your exposure to the sun

The sun, apart from being useful to man, can also be very dangerous for our health. Over exposure to the sun is known to be one of the major causes of most skin cancers. If there is a need to be frequently exposed to the sun, it is advised to apply sunblock.

5. Get regular checkups

Sometimes symptoms of cancer don’t manifest until the cancer has reached an advanced stage. Therefore, regular checkup and screening test, at least 5 times a year is necessary, as developing cancer can be immediately detected, especially if your lifestyle or work puts you at a risk of developing cancer or you have a genetic history of cancer.

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