8 Simple Running Tips for Moms To Make Running Easier

3. Start Out Slow – Even if you have the determination and have decided that you’re going to start jogging/running don’t set your goals too high in the early stages. When I first started using our treadmill I started my running pace at 2 which is basically walking at a fast pace because that’s all I could handle without running out of breath. Do this for five to ten minutes a couple times a week until your body adjusts then slowly increase your speed not the incline though.

This also applies to running outdoors. It’s important to get your endurance built up before you start using the incline or running up and down hills. If you try too much too soon you’ll end up with an unnecessary injury and possibly back on the couch.

Once your body adjusts to this new thing called jogging/running increase the length of time first not the speed. An example of this would be to run at a set speed (like 2 as mentioned before) two nights a week for twenty minutes. Stay at this pace for about three weeks. That’s six sessions of jogging for a total of two hours. This gives all the muscles you’re now using a chance to build up the flexibility they need without getting injured. The last thing we need as moms is to be sick or injured ” so always start out gentle and stop before you’re exhausted.
If your sessions start feeling “”easy”” before three weeks” you can definitely add on another five or ten minutes. The same rule applies if at three weeks you’re still not ready to increase. Keep going at the rate you are and try again at four weeks or five. You’ll know when you’re ready. If you don’t have the time for twenty minutes of running/jogging just increase the speed but only by .01 or .02. A very subtle increase will trick your body and before you know it you’ll be running faster than you expected.

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As mentioned before don’t increase the incline. Being the impatient person I can be I tried doing this too quickly just after we purchased our treadmill and of course pulled a muscle. The incline should actually come much much later. Even if you feel like you could test yourself first. Try walking up a steep hill or stair case. If you’re sore or out of breath afterwards wait on the incline.

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