8 Simple Running Tips for Moms To Make Running Easier

6. Why a Treadmill May be Better than Running Outdoors – If you have a treadmill already that’s great. If not consider buying a used one. You’ll only have to make a purchase once. I realize you can go jogging or walking outside completely free especially if you live in a neighborhood with many sidewalks. However there are a couple draw backs and precautions to this especially if you have small children. Weather conditions are one. If it’s too hot too cold or raining you don’t want to take a chance of either of you getting sick.

It’s better to be safe stay inside and do some yoga with your little one. The other draw back to running or jogging outside is for those who live in the country or in a neighborhood where there are no sidewalks.

Jogging on the road is permitted but can be dangerous especially if there are a lot of sharp curves or hills where cars don’t always slow down or watch out for pedestrians. There also is the fact that there are typically no lights. Even with the appropriate clothing gear for night time running it’s best to stay inside and run on the treadmill. Exercising in the space of your own home is much easier to manage and won’t cost you anything especially if you already have a treadmill.

If you do have one use it ladies. Don’t let it be another place to hang your clothes on. If you don’t have one though you can simply jog/run in place on the living room while watching TV as mentioned earlier. You’ll feel so much better afterword with a great energy high and your body will thank you.

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