8 Simple Running Tips for Moms To Make Running Easier

7. Have a Good Pair of Shoes – Another key and highly important factor in any running/jogging program are shoes. Whether you have flat feet like me normal or high arch if you don’t have the right shoes you can end up with permanent injury from repeatedly hitting the pavement or treadmill with the wrong posture and spinal alignment. You don’t need to buy a hundred dollar pair of Nike shoes for a good fit especially when you’re first starting out and don’t know for certain the time and dedication you can put into it.

Shop around and you can usually find a good pair of shoes for whatever your foot type is ranging from thirty to fifty dollars. DO NOT start jogging/running until you find just the right shoe that’s both fit and comfortable. They don’t have to be Nike or Reebok but you can still purchase either brand for a descent price at their outlet stores directly as opposed to purchasing them at your local department store where usually they’ll cost more. Then once you decide if you really want to invest the time money and reward into jogging/running you can spend a little extra for the higher quality. It’s so well worth it.

We’ve tried other generic brand shoes from the local dollar store but the quality is usually terrible and they start falling apart after a couple months. Basically you end up getting what you pay for. Any good quality pair of running shoes should last for about six months even if your workout is more frequent than twice a week.

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