Author: Kenny Smith

Health, Safety and Weight Loss Tips

Having a healthy life should be everyone’s main priority, but most of us have neglected this to pursue other greed endeavors.  If you undertake any job or any kind of physical activity nowadays, you are taught about all the precautionary hazards and dangers on the very first day; it is also same with weight loss. When […]

Healthy Frozen Banana Bites

Fruits are all considered to be healthy supplements for our body’s growth. Yet according to some focus groups, frozen fruit is preferred to be more effective. Frozen fruit is given priority over regular fruit. Fruits are already high on water levels and pretty beneficial. But the thing with frozen fruits is that when you eat […]

3 Foods to Avoid to Burn Belly Fat

Loads of specialists say that it’s idiotic to stop yourself from eating certain foods, that denying yourself something you truly need to eat can at last prompt gorging and possible weight pick up. So it’s okay to enjoy now and again. In any case, a few foods truly do top the list, particularly if you […]

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