Author: Sandra M

5 Amazing Reasons Why Aerobics Should Not Be a Second Option

Aerobic exercise is an oxygen-demanding form of physical exercise that ranges from low intensity to high intensity workouts. It is usually recommended for reasons or purposes requiring an increased metabolic rate, such as weight loss.   Examples of aerobic exercise are medium to long distance running, swimming, jogging, cycling, walking and dancing. It is important that […]

Best Weight Loss Recipes

Going through a weight loss plan and keeping your body healthy isn’t just an easy thing, but requires the strength and full confidence in order to succeed. But our motto to success is eating a lot of fiber, protein and veggies. But in this case, it gets easy along the way as you get used […]

3 Exercises to Do While Driving

Every moment that passes by has a lot of significance attached to it, the little exercises you carry out in either the gm or in your house hold can count. But sometimes our various works or activities seems to make us engage in them quit a lot, then we forget our daily exercise routine. Though […]

4 Unhealthy Foods For The Skin

Taking care of your skin is one healthy choice you will probably never regret making, and perhaps you feel you are already taking good care of your skin by using healthy lotions and eating healthy foods. However, do you know there are some foods you should not be eating as well? Here are a few: […]

How to Get Stronger Nails

A lot of people ask themselves why it is so hard to grow and maintain gorgeous nails. There is just one big reason. Nails are not alive, they are dead. If they were living tissue, they would be able to repair themselves instead of making us do it for them. Then, if finger nails are […]

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