Can Compression Shorts Enhance Your Workout

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do Compression Shorts really work

What Are Compression Shorts and Why Use Them? Compression Clothes Are the Latest Trend for Athletes and People Looking to Work Out.

If you stepped into your local gym lately you will notice the style has definitely changed. Compression shorts” shirts and pants are the most sought after and desired apparel for most athletes. So why to these tight fitting garments work so well ” let me explain.

First obvious thing is that they are tight fitting to the body. The theory being that the tight hold on muscles creates less vibration for muscle groups. Since these muscles will not be “”jiggling”” as much” it makes their post workout recovery time faster. Some pants even fit tightly over the knees to offer additional support for those worried about knee issues.

Most compression clothing is highly breathable. They offer great ventilation and are also fast drying so you no longer feel like you’re sitting in wet shorts after running at the gym. Be sure to pick clothing with a lycra blend these will offer the best range of motion breathability and comfort you could have working out.

Many runners have permanently switched to compression shorts or pants. They have eliminated chaffing and have the ability to keep you warming in cold weather and perfectly comfortable in warm weather as well. It’s a great option for any sport really due to the comfort and flexibility compression clothes afford.

One commonly asked question is regarding underwear and compression shorts/pants. The point of compression clothes is to have them tight on the body to conform to the muscles and prevent vibration. So by wearing undergarments underneath it defeats that goal and also eliminates the air flow that they are so well designed for. It’s better to not wear undergarments when wearing compression clothing.

Fortunately many companies have started making and selling compression clothing. There is a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from to please every athlete out there. Compression clothing can be purchased at major retailers like Dicks Sporting Goods but can be found cheaper at stores like Marshalls or TJ Max as well. When shopping for compression clothes make sure to try them on to ensure a tight fit because most stores have strict return policies like bathing suits on these items.

The time has come to throw all those running shorts in the back of the drawer and start using the newest trend. Compression clothes won’t make you the star athlete or help you break the record for your next triathlon but they sure will make you feel like you can!

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