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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

On an average, hair grows about half an inch per month and there are no shortcuts for growing long hair. Your general well-being, genetic factors and health affect your hair growth rate. Certain herbs can help boost your hair growth. You can also increase hair growth by maintaining healthy hair through proper hair care and a […]

5 Best Oil For Your Hair

Oils are extracted from plants mainly, mostly through the process of distillation and they are found to be concentrated in nature. These oil are very much essential for the hair and requires potent carrier oil before being used for application. And these carrier oil includes, jojoba, almond and apricot kernel oil. This oil are food […]

What is Role Of Nutrients In Hair Growth?

Hormones and Vitamins play an important role in the Hair growth. Hair consists of a pigment called “Melanin” which also occurs in the skin of human beings. This pigment is responsible for the dark nature of the skin and hair. In Young people, hair has large number of melanin pigments which leads to Dark nature […]