How to Treat Halitosis

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Halitosis is a result of accumulated bacteria in the mouth and gut region. This happens when one neglects dental hygiene and in some issues, unhealthy dietary. This kind of bad breath doesn’t go away by simply just brushing your teeth once a day as there is no significant result in this method alone. One has to start change by eating clean and healthy and then brushing regularly. If after doing all the breath treating methods to eliminate bad breath still don’t work, then you should visit your dentist. Here are a few methods to help with halitosis:

Establish a hygienic dental routine

This entails having set designated periods during which you brush your teeth. It could be when you wake up, before eating, after eating and before going to bed. If you know the odor coming from your mouth is seriously bad, you should carry a new toothbrush and toothpaste and always brush your teeth at the predetermined times. Establish the habit of rinsing your teeth after eating. Don’t use a mouthwash as it can add to the problem, as the chemicals present in a typical mouthwash doesn’t help to minimize the issue, but in fact it actually maximizes it.

Learn to floss after eating anything, brush your teeth and gums vigorously, but don’t do it so hard that you hurt yourself as you are exposing them to germs. Scrub your tongue very well as well. Your tongue is like the sponge of the body, everything you eat, and it absorbs and when you wash it by spending less energy and time on it, you leave in more germs that will accumulate and begin to smell. This is very important to keep in mind and you should scrub your mouth well and thoroughly.

Cleaning your teeth

In cleaning your teeth use a tooth brush that is made up of multi tufted synthetic bristles. For your tongue, you could use a tongue scraper. After taking an acidic drink, avoid brushing for 30 minutes so as to avoid tooth abrasion. If you are going to use a mouthwash, go with a mouthwash that has been approved by your doctor. However, this should not replace brushing your teeth.

Cleaning dentures

If you wear dentures, take them out at night to allow your mouth to get some air and rest. Clean the dentures well and you can ask your doctor on how to clean them thoroughly before putting them on for the next day. Do not clean your dentures with cool water, instead, use lukewarm water, soap, denture cream or a denture cleaning tablet. Your dentist will guide you in doing this. Don’t use the brush you use for your teeth to wash your dentures. This will help prevent the build up of plaque that will increase the likelihood of bad breath.

Some tips for fresh smelling breath

To always have good breath, avoid smoking or stop smoking completely and a eat clean, fresh and healthy diet. Avoid eating strong flavored or spicy foods. Drastically cut down or eliminate the amount of sugar that you consume as they tend to aid the development of bacteria in your mouth, therefore causing it to smell. Eliminate alcohol, coffee etc from your regular diet as well.

Also, start a habit of drinking water consistently and regularly, and if you have to chew gum, chew the sugarless kind as it will help remove food particles in the mouth. Visit your dentist regularly as well, so that your doctor can check your progress and know what to implement every now and then. Be very conscious of your breath until you are sure that it is no longer a serious issue.

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