How people over 90 can improve balance, reduce falls and increase power in legs

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How people over 90 can reduce falls

How 90 plus people can improve balance, reduce falls and increase power in legs

Strength Training Exercises for People 90-Plus Even If You’re 90 Years Old Even in the Mid-90s It’s Not Too Late to Gain Amazing Benefits from Strength Training Even If You have Never Picked Up a Piece of Metal in Your Entire Life.

Even if you’re 90 years old” even in the mid-90s it’s not too late to gain amazing benefits from strength training ” even if you’ve never picked up a piece of metal in your entire life.

New research results appeared in the Sept. 2013 journal Age. The study was led by Mikel Izquierdo-Red.

Subjects ages 91 to 96 strength trained twice a week for 12 weeks. The following improvements resulted:

-An increase in walking speed

-Increased ease in getting out of chairs

-Improved balance

-Big reduction in number of falls

-Big improvement in muscle mass and power in the legs

There’s no reason why your great-grandmother or great-grandfather of 90-something should not start doing some strength training: lifting weights.

Are you a 60-something person taking care of a 90-something parent? Do you go to a gym? Take your “frail elderly” parent with you (assuming they’re cognitively functional) and get them going on the horizontal leg press machine.

I’m a certified personal trainer. The leg press is one of the easiest exercises for the frail elderly to perform. It’s done while seated. There’s no strain on the back as the person’s back is supported by the equipment. Low settings can be handled by a 90-something frail person who’s able to walk into a gym.

“In addition to the significant increases in the physical capacity of frail elderly people”  says Izquierdo-Red.

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