10-Minute Relaxing Yoga Session


This 10-minute yoga session can be done at any time of the day once you are feeling stressed up. We will give you just three yoga poses that will get you feeling as cool as a cucumber!

1. The Corpse Pose

Lay down flat on the floor or on a yoga/pilates mat (which ever is comfortable for you) with your arms stretched out by your side like the way you would if you were on a operating table. Take ten very deep and slow breaths in this pose and clear your mind and let go of all the day’s negativity.

2. The Baby Pose

Come to a seated position on your heels. Keep your big toes together and spread your knees as wide as you want to accommodate your upper body. Lean forward with your chest in between your knees with your hands reaching forward on the floor.

3. The Tree Pose

Stand easy. Bring your right foot into the innermost part of your leg thigh and bring your hands to prayer. Close your eyes or focus on an object infront of you for balance and relax. Feel the weight fall off your shoulders.


These three poses are all you need for a quick 10 minute yoga session to relax you. Do them as a sequence in any order that you like for ten minutes and feel rejuvenated.


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