These 10 Tricks Will Make College Food Healthier And More Delicious


College can be very hard and stressful. Eating well in college is also hard. A lot of activities in college, you are always in a rush to go to class sometimes you even skip breakfast. Well, this is when you begin to start life on your own making your own decisions about what to do, what to eat, where to go and so much more.

And trust me in college you’ll be surrounded by a lot of salty snacks and sweets which is totally not very healthy. Here are few tricks on how to continue eating healthy in college.

1. Always stock up on healthy food

You might not be able to get everything you want especially when you have a small fridge. Just get what you can be smart about your choices. Get raw veggies, rice cakes, seeds and nuts. They are good options.

2. Eat high quality Junk food

Well, there’s no way you can avoid eating junk food in college but if you are going to eat them, go for the ones with high qualities and make sure they are delicious.

3. Know your body

Know when to eat and when not to eat.

4. Know what you are eating and how your body reacts to it

This is very easy. Just eat mindfully and study how it works for your body.

5. Make good decisions

This is like finding your own food confidence. Learn how to trust yourself to make the right decision to pick a healthy food.

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6. Be inspired

What inspires you? You should find your food inspiration. For me, I follow a lot of food channels even on Facebook and Instagram to get all my healthy recipes and pictures of amazing food.

7. Build a daily routine

I can’t emphasize enough on this because it is very important. Establish a routine and follow it strictly. This helps a lot.

8. Get in touch with the cafeteria

Think of the dining hall as your classroom. Study everything you need to know about the cafeteria nutrition

9. Take the fruit

When you go to the dining hall, you might not be allowed to take food out but you can be allowed to take the fruits so always take the fruit.

10. Order in

Even if you don’t have the money you can split the bill with your room mate for a healthy and delicious meal.

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