10 Ways To Shape Your Butt


Out of shape butt of yours might have survived through the winters but as soon as you try that bikini or beach shorts on this summer, you will get embarrassed. Toning your butt is no walk in the park these. It requires sheer effort and hard work done over a stretched period of time to get that celebrity butt.

There isn’t any diet plan that could give you shaped butt. Most of it only depends upon how good you are at physically training your glutes. But if you add up some tips to your daily routine and aim to follow upon them, getting a toned butt shall eventually become easier.

1. Exercise

The top most effort towards a shaped butt is exercise. As I said, your butt cannot be shaped properly as long as you don’t work on it physically. Choose the right exercises that will build your butt muscles giving it a better and firm shape. The stronger your butt is the better it will appear. Working more on glutes will result in a rounder and tighter bum.

2. Choose Right Clothes

You should select clothes that make your butt and physical features look prominent. This way you can feel proud of what you have achieved in shaping your butt. There are people out there with awesome bodies and poor clothing choices that nobody bats an eye upon. Trust me; the right kind of clothing can look an average body top notch.

3. Use Dumbbells

It has been proven that glutes exercises that include the use of dumbbells or weights in them give faster and better results.Muscles like to be strength trained and glutes are an important muscle. Get your own pair of dumbbells or just simply pick the ones at the gym.

4. Squat

A squat is the ultimate and simplest exercise for your butt. Squats are preferred for their rapid results and no equipment required convenience. Stand with feet at hip width, take your pelvis down and put pressure on heals until your thighs are parallel to the ground.

5. Lunges and Piles

Among other very effective exercise are lunges and piles. These are also butt targeting exercises that are easy to learn and perform on your own. Combining these with some squatting can be all your butt needs to stay in shape.

6. Try Yoga

Yoga is also an option that many fitness experts suggest for people aiming for a toned butt. The downward facing dog pose and the 3 legged dog pose are two top most yoga choices that affect your butt.

7. Keep Adding Weights

You should utilize weights in all your exercise routines for strength training your glutes. If you add even 5 or 10 pounds of weight to regular lunges or squats, your results can speed up to 60%. Don’t try to swing the weights fast, focus on your posture and stability first.

8. Circuit Training

Consider circuit training as your workout option for as many days of the week as you can. Many of the exercises involved in circuit training already emphasize on your butt’s better shape. So you won’t have to worry a lot about adding butt exercises to it.

9. Enhanced Underwear

Consider trying the new and enhanced underwear that are in the market to make your butt look better. This will give you more motivation whenever someone compliments you or even when you notice it in the mirror yourself.

10. Eat Healthy

Last but not the least eating somewhat plays an important role here. The reason behind this is that if you consume more healthy food in your meals, you will have more energy to utilize during your workout timings.

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