10 Weight Loss Tips That are Unusual But They Work


With all the weight loss tips out there, it can be hard to know which ones to follow. This article will tell you which are the right ones.

1. Snack between meals

What?! Snack between meals? I know a lot of you were raised believing that snacking between meals will most definitely make you grow bigger. This is both a myth and truth: if your snacks come in the form of chocolate ice cream and cheesecake, then yes, you will grow bigger but if you are snacking on fruits and vegetables like grapefruits, a handful of cashew nuts or some aburaage which is fried tofu, then you can keep unhealthy weight loss away. Snacking healthy between meals will keep your metabolism on track and will keep things “moving” in your pipes. It will also prevent low blood sugar which I tend to get when the weather is very hot.

2. Do not work out everyday

Yes. Another one that I know you are finding very hard to believe. Let me first explain what happens when you work out: your muscles actually breakdown. That is why you feel very sore the next day. Allowing your body to rest the next day will give your muscles time to heal.

3. Eat 5 times a day

Chances are, you were raised on the “3 square meal” shtick but eating 5 small meals a day is a more ideal meal plan. Why? Because it keeps your metabolism going.

4. Sleep at least 8 hours a day

When you sleep, a lot of things go on in your body. It is the time when your body can carry out certain processes, such as the repairing of your blood vessels, that it couldn’t while you were up and about during the day. That is a very big task so please make sure that you get as much sleep as you need. Napping is also good even if it is just for 30 minutes.

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5. Drink a lot of water

Is it just me or is water the most magical thing ever?! Clean drinking is very important for good health. Water cleans out the waste produced by the cells in your body; flushes out your kidneys; hydrates your skin, etc. And sometimes when you feel like you are hungry, the truth is, that you are actually thirsty.

6. Always eat dinner

Some people like to skip dinner thinking that it will help them lose weight but a lot of them will find that, they wake up in the middle of the night to snack on unhealthy, fattening foods. Eat a bowl of cereal with some fruits or some low-fat yogurt with some pecans, cashew nuts or any other nut your choice.

7. Eat fats and carbohydrates

What?! Fats and carbohydrates? Yes. These food groups should not be neglected even if you are trying to lose weight. Some healthy sources of fats and comples carbs are; oatmeal, brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole eggs, extra-virgin olive oil and dark chocolate.

8. Breathe deeply when working out

Breathing is very important for obvious reasons but it is also important during exercise. No matter what exercise you are doing, you must always remember to breathe.

9. Always stretch before and after working out

This will prevent injury, muscle cramps and when you stretch after workouts, it helps to lenghthen your muscles if you do not want to bulk up.

10. Be happy

You should learn to be happy with yourself before beginning a weight loss regimen and you should be happy through in the sense that you should do the things that put a smile on your face. For me, it is listening to music, watching Korean drama series, playing guitar, etc. You get the picture. Do drop us a line and tell us how this article helped on your weight loss journey.

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