11 Things to Do to Distract Yourself From Eating

11 Things to Do to Distract Yourself From Eating

Most of the time, the reason why we eat is because we are bored, stressed or simply idle. When you are busy yourself, there is little time to think of food as your mind is focused on something other than food. You need to incorporate times at which you will be distracted from food. You can even set an alarm for this reason. For example, set an alarm for 8;00 am, and then distract yourself by working on that excel sheet, writing a review on that article, take a walk, watching a preaching video etc. By the time you master the art of distracting yourself from food, you won’t see the need to eat and distracting yourself will become a habit. Here 11 things you can do to distract yourself from eating:

1. Do something productive

Nothing beats being productive or finishing up a task that you have been postponing for a while now. Use this opportunity to get it done and over with. You will feel better accomplishing your goals.

2. Go for a walk

Walking helps to clear the mind and help focus on other things. You can listen to some music while walking, as it helps to take your mind off eating.

3. Exercise

This is a great way to get distracted intentionally. Simply exercise. Not only will this improve your mood, it will also help you get into better shape. Let distraction from food be the reason you hit the gym and you will be happy you did it after a few weeks.

4. Turn up the music and dance

Dancing is another fun way to get one’s mind off of eating. Increase the volume of the stereo and listen to music. To make it fun, call up your friends too, adding to the fact that you will also burn calories as you do so.

5. Research a new recipe to try out and make it

If you have a very strong will power to not eat or prepare the wrong foods, this is for you. Research a new healthy recipe online and try it out. This will give you the opportunity to practice on your cooking skills. You can invite your friends to the cook off to help and to also stop you from eating alone which equals to eating more.

6. Read a book

This is the best way to sharpen your mind. Read everything you can get your hands on, It can be motivational books, text books or any other topic, and will increase your knowledge. At the same it will help distract yourself from eating more!

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7. Watch a new movie

This only applies to new movies, if it’s a movie you’ve seen, you tend to be distracted. So get some movies that you haven’t seen yet, and watch them your leisure. Shows with good stories will motivate you towards watching more. Movies and shows are a great way to get your mind from the food.

8. Go shopping

Call your friends, if you think you might overspend and go shopping. Sometimes you can try window shopping if you have little money. There are definitely a lot of things that will make you busy for a long period of time.

9. Do a photo shoot

This is definitely fun as you are opening your creative box.  You could prepare and plan for it with dresses and colors and have a blast with the camera. If it’s too expensive, then opt for a friend who has a camera and is willing to snap pictures for pleasure, or simply go on a trip and take cool snapshots of the city and villages and wherever else you visit, adding to your memory collection.

10. Go to sleep

Sleep helps to curb your hunger cravings. Having a nap every now and then will help calm you down and give your body the energy it requires. It will also help you look beautiful, as your muscles are relaxed, you emerge glowing. There is a reason why it is called a beauty sleep.

11. Write in your journal

This will help you regulate your moods and to show if you are really hungry or you are emotionally hungry. You can write how you feel and what you ate at that point in time and do this throughout the day, after which, you can read it back to know how you were during the day. It will serve as a guide map to help you stay in control of your eating. Plus you can write about anything you think, feel or wish.

I hope that these 11 tips will be good enough to distract yourself from eating more than you should. If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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