2 Detox Teas Recipes to Take the Load off of Your Liver

2 Detox Teas Recipes to Take the Load off of Your Liver 1

In today’s fitness-crazed world, “detoxing” is all the rave. But one must be very careful when it comes to detoxing as too much of it will cause problems.

What is detox?

Detoxification is “simply” the removal of toxic substances from the body. The organ in change of this heavy-duty job is the liver. You won’t believe the amount of toxic waste that is made in your body everyday. In short, you should be dead without your liver doing its job properly.

Here is a detox tea blend recipe that is sure to cleanse your body from heavy metals.

1. Ayurvedic Detox Tea

– 3 cups of water

-1/2 tsp coriander seed– the coriander seed acts as a diuretic. A diuretic is any substance that promotes the production of urine (and in so doing, expels toxins).

-1/2 tsp cumin– improves digestion, stimulates blood flow; and has dilating and purifying properties.

-1/2 tsp fennel seeds– they also rid the body of toxins.

This recipe makes 3 cups of tea

Boil the water till very hot and add the spices. Turn the gas off and let steep, covered for 5-10 minutes. Flavor with some brown sugar if you wish or simply enjoy as is.

2. Ginger-Dandelion-Milk Thistle Tea

This tea cleanses and detoxes your liver.

-5 cups of water

-3 oz. Fresh ginger (gently cleanses your body)

-3 tsp dried dandelion root/ 3 teabags (stimulates bile flow which transports toxins out of the body)

3 tsp dried milk thistle/ 3 teabags (it boosts liver function and is rich in antioxidants)

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2 cinnamon sticks (metabolizes sugar a whopping 20 times faster when digested)

artichoke extract (helps to regeneration liver cells)

coconut oil (just one tablespoon is enough; it flushes out the toxins)

Boil the water and the ginger for a minute then remove from the fire. Proceed to pouring the hot water along with the ginger over the dandelion, milk thistle and cinnamon. Let sit for 15 minutes, covered with a lid. Strain the herbs from the liquid leaving behind a fragrance tea. Add the lemon, coconut oil and the artichoke extract (optional) . Serve as is or serve after refrigerated on a hot summer’s day.

Here are a few more herbs that help to detox the body:

Licorice root




Burdock root

Chrysanthemum blossoms


You can experiment and come up with your own blends! But remember to NOT  drink more than 5 cups of any detox tea a day.

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