2 Ways to Lose Weight While You Sleep


This may seem like a strange idea, but you actually lose weight while you are seeping. Sleeping is an activity that you have to do every day, so why not make the most of it and use methods to benefit the most weight loss from the weight loss effects of sleeping.

It has been proven that people who get less than 8 or 7 hours of sleep per day were around 55% more likely to fail at losing weight. So your main goal should be to get a proper amount of sleep each night and lose weight while doing that.

#1. Let Tryptophan help you get to sleep early

Tryptophan is an amino acid that is commonly contained in meats and has been proven to have significant sleep inducing effects. Around a quarter of insomnia sufferers have been cured by Tryptophan, which is easily obtained by eating chicken drumsticks or lean turkey meat.

This causes several hours of deep REM sleep which is the main portion of the sleeping cycle that provides many benefits, including weight loss. So add Tryptophan containing meats to your diet and get at least 8 hours of sleep and lose weight at an even faster rate.

#2. No late night snacks

This is a pretty common sense piece of advice. Eating late night snacks in the kitchen means that you are awake and active and on top of that, you are eating food which will make it even longer for you to get to sleep.

This simple fact has indeed been proven by various scientific experiments. One such experiment involved mice and controlled their eating habits related to their gain or loss of weight. A few groups of mice were gathered and were fed a high calorie and fat diet for 100 days. Half of the group was allowed to eat food throughout the night as well as the day. The other half of the group was only able to eat for 8 hours instead of for 24 hours like the other group.

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As expected, the mice who ate food during the night gained a lot of weight and became obese. On the other hand, the mice who were only allowed to eat for eight hours during the daytime were actually healthier and fitter than before. So, lock up your kitchen at bedtime and resist any temptations of making just one sandwich or slice of cake.

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