2 Ways Women Can Use The Barbell To Tone The Body Fast


How Women Can Use The Barbell To Tone The Body. Muscle Toning Barbell Exercises for Women are listed below both for upper and lower body.

The barbell is a tried and true piece of exercise equipment that is not only a favorite of bodybuilders” but a really great starting place for women who are starting to build their workout habit.

This is an item that is versatile and makes routines highly customizable because the amount of weight put on it can be adjusted and the list of moves that can be performed with it are endlessly long. However some muscle toning moves are more complicated than others. So here are a few great exercises beginning women can start with.

The Best Upper Body Barbell Exercise for Beginners

One of the most commonly recognized barbell exercises is the bench press. Big time bodybuilders often boast about the amount of weight they can bench but this is also an excellent muscle toning move for beginning women.

Those who cannot tolerate much weight when doing the bench press can start off with just an empty bar. Some workout bars weigh about 5 to 10 pounds without weight so it’s still easy to get in a good workout. The best thing about bench presses for women is that they help uplift the breasts as well as improve strength.

Lower Body Toning Barbell Moves for Women

By far the number one best lower body barbell exercises is the deadlift. To do a deadlift simply place the barbell on the floor in front of you.

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Then keeping the legs straight but not locked bend over (but don’t round the back; keep an arch in the lower back) and lift the bar up returning to starting position. This is a great muscle toning move for beginning women because it helps get the gluts and hamstrings into good shape sculpting the attractive lower body that is so highly craved.

There are many more great moves to do with this popular piece of workout equipment that you might want to explore. Nevertheless ” beginning women can make a lot of progress towards their goals simply by using these two muscle toning barbell exercises.

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