20 Best Ways To Use Eggs


Eggs are laid by the females of a lot of animals that include birds, reptiles, mammals and fish. Eggs have been eaten and used by human for the longest time as food, medicine and even in witchcraft but we won’t be talking about that today. This hard-shelled food is a good source of protein and is almost always front and center in weight loss regimens.

1. In a sandwich

One soft boiled egg or a perfectly fried poultry egg will make any sandwich taste great! I find that soft boiled eggs have more taste than hard-boiled eggs.

2. On a pizza

Regardless of which type of pizza it is: deep dish or thin crust, eggs on pizza is heavenly especially if the eggs are cooked to the right consistency and texture.

3. In soups with noodles

This is a trick I have seen Koreans and Japanese do sometimes when eating noodles. In a bowl of piping hot soup with noodles, crack a poultry egg into the soup and let it sit for awhile to cook. It is absolutely delicious. You should try it!

4. In cakes

Eggs are the holy grail of so many cake recipes out there notwithstanding the vegan movement. The role of the egg in a cake batter is to give the final result a fluffy, soft texture while still adding protein to it.

5. For burns

This use is not culinary. I remember when I started learning how to cook as a young teenager, I used to burn my fingers a lot and my mum would crack an egg in a bowl and I would dip the burned area in it. The egg prevents the site from getting swollen and soothes it. But this is only for very minor burns like the ones you get from handling a very hot pot.

6. In burgers

The best burger I ever ate had a perfectly fried egg in the center and since then, I judge the quality of a burger by whether or not it has an egg in the center and if it is fried to perfection.

7. With rice

In the Senegambia region, there is a popular dish called Benachin. You might know by its “international” name of Jollof rice. Slice a couple of hard boiled eggs on a plate of tasty Benachin and give your taste buds a very new, nice experience.

8. With toast

Get up early on a Saturday morning and enjoy toast and eggs as breakfast with a big cup of herbal tea. It is very scenic if it is raining outside! Dip the sliced bread in some lightly whipped eggs and fry in a skillet at medium heat till crunchy/chewy.

9. In salads

Whip egg yolk and some dressing oil in a big bowl to create a “homemade” mayo dressing for your salad or you could have the whole eggs boiled, hard, then diced in a big bowl for mixing with the other salad ingredients.

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10. In breakfast oatmeal

This is a new one and I must admit that I have never tried it before but I definitely will and will let you guys know. While your oatmeal is cooking, quickly whip a whole poultry egg into it. Try it and let us know how it was.

11. In shawarma

Just as eggs make any sandwich tasty, so do they make any sharwarma, tortilla or burrito tastier too!

12. In smoothie

This might sound nasty to some of you but this is something bodybuilders always do to maximize the amount of protein that they get from eggs . There is however a downside to this: if the egg is infected with salmonella, you will get sick so make sure to get handle your eggs properly.

13. Caviar on crackers

Caviar. If you can afford the top quality caviar then by all means, enjoy it to your heart’s delight on crackers as an expensive snack.

14. To make pasta

There is a type of pasta called gnocchi which is made out of hot boiled potatoes, eggs and a bit of flour. The first time I had gnocchi was in the summer of 2010 in the Big Apple with ox-tail pepper soup and it was transcendent.

15. In custard

Milk and eggs in a big bowl on an open flame. Could anything taste better?

16. In meringue

Separate the egg yolk from the whites and whip the white in a big glass bowl until visibly fluffy and white. Spread on a baking sheet and bake in the oven. You can check out recipes online for meringues.

17. Poached

Poached eggs with a pinch of salt and pepper on a bed of toast and cold butter. I rest my case.

18. Scrambled

Four whole eggs in a bowl with a splash of milk beaten together and cooked in a skillet with butter is delicious. Have it for breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner!

19. Boiled

Boiled egg on its own is great as a midday snack when you are sitting in front of the computer working and do not want to get up. And it also keeps very well so boil a few eggs and have them over a period of two or three days.

20. With wild game or poultry meat

If you are about to have left over chicken, turkey or any kind of poultry or game for dinner or lunch, please please boil two or three eggs, soft. You won’t believe how great it tastes! Trust me.


Of course, chicken eggs are not the only ones that are edible. Check out some cooking sites where you will be able to find recipes for eggs such as quail.

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