20 Things To Start Doing To Make Your Day 100x Better

20 things to start doing to make your day 100x better 2

If you want your day to be 100x better, then you must start following the below-mentioned tips!

• Meditate

Meditate for at least fifteen to twenty minutes, every morning, in order to let go of stressful feelings, and lead a peaceful day!

• Sun

Go out more and take the advantage of that sunshine that will help to supply Vitamin D to your body. Vitamin D gives the body energy to work efficiently throughout the day.

• Walk

Walk for at least twenty minutes. Try to go out for a walk so that you can breathe in some fresh air!

• Water

Keep yourself thoroughly hydrated, especially during the scorching sunny days!

• Breakfast

A healthy breakfast will act like fuel for your body for the rest of the day! So, get up and make yourself a nice protein rich breakfast.

• Diet

Make changes in your diet. Let go of unhealthy food and try to eat more vegetables and fruits.

• Yoga

Do yoga, as it will help your body to increase its flexibility, and will give relief to any joint pains!

• Gadgets

Try to minimize your use of gadgets. Try to interact more with people rather than using the gadgets!

• Something New

Try doing something new every day. Whether it is reading a new book, or going to a new place, etc.

• Optimism

Try to remain positive. Let go of pessimistic thoughts that will cause stress and anxiety.

• Green Tea

Drink green tea every day to get rid of any harmful toxins in your body.

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• Music

Listen to your favorite soothing tunes and music, in order to calm down feelings of stress.

• Smile

Smile more, or laugh more. This will send signals to your brain that you are happy, and will stimulate the right hormones in your body, which will make you happier.

• Write

Indulge in writing down your feelings, as they will allow you to feel better and less burdened.

• Less Restrictions

Do not make your life difficult. Make everything easy for yourself and do not put unnecessary limitations on yourself.

• Wash your Face

Yes, that’s right. If you are feeling low or tired, just splash water on your face, and it will instantly elevate your mood.

• Be Appreciative

Appreciate little things in life. Complain less, and make the most of every opportunity.

• Fresh Juices

Chose fresh juices over carbonated drinks, as a high blood sugar level will lower down your mood.

• Caffeine

Minimize your caffeine intake as it can make you lazy and lousy!

• Sleep

Go to bed early, and ensure that you get at least eight hours of sleep, so that you wake up feeling fresh!

Follow the tips given above and you will notice that your days are getting better and better!

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