20 Most Tough But Effective Butt Exercises Of All Time

20 Tough but Effective Butt Exercises of All Time 2

If you are looking for the best exercises that will give you that perfectly toned butt, then you have landed on the right page! Read on below to know the 20 most tough but effective butt exercises of all time, that will give you the desired results!

1. Lunge with Arm Reach

In order to increase hip flexion and flex the gluteus maximum more, do the normal lunges while reaching forward with your arms at your knee length.

2. Step-Up

Do step-ups, but with weights. Hold dumbbells in your hands while you do the step-ups.

3. Floor Jacks

We all know about jumping jacks, but do you know that these floor jacks are great for the butt muscles? They are!

4. The One Leg Chair Squat

The squats with a twist are an intense version of squats. With one leg off the floor, using a chair to sit and stand during squats, will give the right activation to your hip muscles.

5. Lunge Jump

Go into the lunge position and as you move that one leg forward, take it higher to do a jump!

6. Deep Squats

Do the normal squats, but go as low as you can to maximum its effects on the butt muscles.

7. Glute Bridges

Lie down on your back with your knees point upwards and feet firmly on the ground, and slowly raise your butt off the floor while keeping your feet, back and head on the mat!

8. Cossack Lunges

The perfect mix of lunges and squats in one exercise, is all you need to get that perfect butt!

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9. Flutter Kicks

For both hips and abs, this exercise is a must!

10. Barbell Squat

Squats with a barbell, will help to increase its intensity.

11. Box Step Squat

Squat and take a step ahead, is perfect to shape the sides of your butt!

12. Bridge with Leg Extension

Go into the normal bridge position, while extending one leg forward, to flex the glute muscles.

13. Booty Lifts

This exercise is excellent for your hamstrings, glutes, and core muscles.

14. Single Leg Wall Lunges

This one exercise targets the butt, as well as the thighs!

15. Hip Extensions

This common, yet intense exercise, is great for getting the ideal butt shape!

16. Scissor Kicks

This is a fun, intense, and unique exercise that will perfectly tone your butt!

17. Barbell Hip Thrust

Super difficult, but highly effective is what defines this exercise!

18. Booty Blaster

Just like the name suggests, this exercise will leave you with intense cramps! In a good way though.

19. Side Kick

This exercise is a must to give your butt the ideal shape!

20. Butt Sit Kick

Sit and kick, and give your butt muscles an intense boost!

Try the above mentioned exercises, and you are bound to see the results within just a few days!

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