20 Ways To Reduce Stress Or Anxiety


Stress and anxiety can have extremely negative effects on the body, and on mental health! Thus, it is essential to eliminate stress from our lives, in order to live well. But how exactly can one reduce stress or anxiety? Read on to get the answer to this question!

1. Walk

Walk outside, in order to take in some fresh air and feel relaxed.

2. Water

Drink more water as it will keep you hydrated. Dehydration may cause anxiety!

3. Music

Listen to soothing and calming music and tunes.

4. Meditate

Indulge in at least ten to fifteen minutes of meditation every morning.

5. Smile

Smile or laugh more, in order to enable your body to send signals to your brain that you are happy.

6. Diet

Eat healthy food, such as vegetables and fruits, and stay away from unhealthy fat!

7. Yoga

Indulge in doing yoga exercises, which will improve the circulation of blood, and will make you feel relaxed.

8. Gadgets

Stay away from gadgets and take out time to relax your mind and brain.

9. Write

Pen down your feelings as it will help you to feel less burdened by feelings of stress and anxiety.

10. Green Tea

Research indicates that green tea helps to eliminate feelings of anger and resentment. So, drink at least one cup of green tea every day.

11. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate helps to regulate the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, in our body!

12. Cold Water

Many of you may not know this, but dropping cold water on your wrists and behind your earlobe, will help to calm down the entire body.

13. Sun

Go out in the sunlight, as it helps to fight feelings of depression.

14. Aromatherapy

Inhaling the smell of lavender, tea tree oil etc., helps to send signals to the part of the brain that deals with emotions, and stimulates it to calm down.

15. Honey

Just a spoonful of honey helps to fight depression and anxiety by reducing inflammation in the brain.

16. Gum

Chewing on a sugar free gum can help to relieve stress and anxiety.

17. Sleep

Get at least eight hours of sleep in order to allow your body to function efficiently.

18. Stress Ball

Squeeze a stress ball to relieve tension!

19. Breathe

Remember to breathe more, and to take in deep breaths!

20. Take a Break

Close your eyes, and take a break from whatever you are doing, in order to calm yourself down!

Try the above mentioned ways of relieving stress and anxiety, and I guarantee that you will feel calm and happy.

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