3 Bad Breakfasts for Your Waistline

Having a breakfast early in the morning is very important for your health. It improves your chances of losing weight, as well as setting your metabolic rate for the rest of the day. But eating the wrong type of breakfast can do great damage as well, almost as much damage as not eating at all. The following are three breakfasts that you should avoid, as they slow the start of your day and can even go on to cause more serious diseases and complications.

1. Processed smoothies

If you are in the habit of stopping by a shop to pick up a smoothie on your way to work, you are only bringing harm to yourself. Processed smoothies have a lot of sweeteners, sugars, additives and other substances added to it, that cause chaos to your health. Their sugar content is especially worrying, they may contain more calories than fries and burgers. Unless if you are making the smoothie at home yourself and you are sure of where the ingredients came from, is it safe for you to have a smoothie.

2. Juices

Though juices are usually made from fruit and are hence rich in antioxidants and vitamins, they contain a lot of sugar which can spike blood sugar levels, leading to conditions like diabetes and cause your mood swings. Taking in sugar from a liquid source makes them enter your blood faster, than if you took in sugar from a solid food. Juices also do not usually contain fiber, a vital nutrient that should be in every breakfast, so your digestive system is not flexed and hence is prepared for the day. So stop taking juice alone as breakfasts, but begin eating as well.

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3. Small breakfasts

Small breakfasts actually hinder or reduce weight reduction more than big breakfasts. This may be shocking to you, but numerous researches have confirmed this. The exact mechanism for this is still not clear, but they say you should eat one, that contains at least 20 grams of protein for greater satisfaction and a minimum of 350 calories to be on the safe side.

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