The 3 Best Tricep Exercises

The triceps are the large muscle group on the back of the upper arm. They extend the elbow joint and also straighten the arms. One of the major reasons many people go to the gym is to build a pair of sleeve-stretching arms, but not everyone know the right exercises to do to build their arms.
The triceps are the largest muscle group in the upper arm, and if you are going for size, this is the main muscle that you should focus on for quick results. While the default triceps exercise for most people are push ups, you should know that there are other techniques you can use to build your triceps.

1. Foam roller press

This helps to cut your range of motion in half, and using a big weight on the bar will help you train hard for the bench press with little or no strain on your shoulders. To do this, lie on a bench, with a foam roller secured by a resistance band on your chest. Grab the barbell overhead, and hold it directly above your chest, then lower the bar to touch the foam roller. Press it back up and return to the starting position.

2. Dumbbell shoulder press

This works the triceps along with the shoulders, and is best done before the start of a workout, because your shoulders are still strong enough and will not fatigue easily. To do this, ensure you rotate your wrists so that you have your palms facing forward. Exhale and push the dumbbells upward and let them touch at the top; pause for a while, then slowly lower the weights back down as you inhale. Return to the starting position with your wrists rotated and palms facing forward.

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3. Dips

When doing dips, you are required to lift your entire body weight, which will work your triceps against a heavier load. Tricep dips are a challenging exercise and are superior to push ups when it comes to building upper body mass.

You can perform tricep dips using any elevated surface that is at least 2 feet or more off the ground. Using a chair for example, place your palms backwards on the surface of the chair, then lower your body with your legs fully extended in front of you. At the bottom of the motion your body should form an L shape, and your shoulders should be just above parallel with your elbows. From this position, push your body back up into starting position by straightening your arms but ensure that they don’t lock at the top of the motion.

With more focus on your triceps using these exercises, you’ll see some noticeable changes in the size of your arms within a few weeks.

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