3 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Avoid (ready)

The weight loss process isn’t usually a smooth ride, and no mater how interesting and simple we try to make it seem, all your hard work could easily be undone by making a few basic but common mistakes. This is probably the last thing that you want to hear, so we have compiled some very useful information on 3 fitness mistakes you certainly should be avoiding.

1. Obsessing over calories

Sure, burning more calories than you take in should be your ultimate goal if you want to lose weight. However, obsessively counting calories may not be so helpful, as it may even make you frustrated in the long run. Eat healthy (this means more of protein and fiber rich foods), and worry less about the number of calories in your food. Also, cutting down too many calories can pose a great risk to your health as the body does need some calories to function.

2. Avoiding fat

Many people have come to the conclusion that fats are generally bad. But the truth is, you’ll miss out on a lot of benefits if you refuse to eat any fatty foods at all. You shouldn’t avoid fats altogether, as they do play a very important role in the body, as do all classes of food. What you should do is avoid fats like vegetable oils, margarine, and fried foods, and eat more of naturally occurring fatty foods like avocados and salmon.

3. All or nothing mentality

Many people on a weight loss program are coached into thinking that they either give it their all or not do it at all, so they channel their energy into sticking to some strict rules. While these strict rules are effective, they are usually unsustainable for the beginners.

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It is also advisable to have some cheat days where you can break all the rules. The reasons for this is because a temporary disruption in your regular training pattern will actually yield increased results when you start training again, and if you don’t have cheat days, there is a good chance that someday you may lose discipline altogether and go on a binge. The key is, don’t make breaking the rules a habit and don’t have too many cheat days.

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