3 Bucket List Exercises

I am sure you have got a bucket list, things to do and places to explore before you check out of this world. But I am also almost certain that there are no exercises on that list. You can change that from today, the following are three very tough and challenging exercises, that you should aim to do at least once before you die. They are not one day routines, but will need days even weeks of practice before you can even attempt them or succeed in them.

1. Marathons

Marathons are held in many cities around the world, at different times, open for anyone to register and do, with no prices awarded, just to let people have fun and workout. You should put it on your bucket list to run at least one of these marathons before you die. You will need to prepare really well before trying one, jogging every day for a few miles two weeks or more before the main event, to get your body used to the strenuous conditions. Even at that, it is better that you register for marathons of shorter distances like 10 kilometers to 6.2 miles, or 5 kilometers  3.1 miles before embarking on the big one.

2. Doing 40 or more push-ups

Almost anyone who has watched a movie will be able to do two or maybe five push-ups well before tiring and if it is a guy on steroids or whose hormonal levels are high, he may be able to do up to 15 at a time. But anyone who is able to do 40 or more at a go, is considered a professional and fit in the fitness world. Aim to be able to do this before you die and not just any push-up, but perfect push-ups of a straight line body from your head to your heels, both when going down and pushing up and your elbows bent at right angles when going down.

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3. Pull-ups

Anyone who has attempted to do this exercise knows that it is incredibly hard. Pull-ups are you holding a fixed bar above you, and using your hands to pull your body up, until your head is above the bar. This strengthens your biceps, core and muscles on your back. Men should aim for 12 straight repeats in their bucket lists, while women should aim for 8.

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