3 Cardio Exercises You Can Do When You Have an Ankle Injury

Everyone can be a victim to injury as it is not something we do on purpose but happens accidentally. It is a fact that almost everyone at one time in their life become injured. However, this should not prevent you from continuing to exercise and keep yourself fit. There are various injuries and the most common one is the ankle injury.

When people injure their ankle, they usually feel like they can’t exercise. This is because many people assume that once injured, they can only lay on bed and rest that part. The truth is that there are various cardio exercises you can indulge in when you have an ankle injury.

Here are some cardio exercises you can do even when you have an ankle injury.

 1. Swimming

Swimming is a very good exercise that will build your muscles without causing further injury to your ankles. The temperature of the water is soothing for your ankles and even reduces inflammation. Hence, it will fasten your healing process.

It is a fact that water reduces your body weight as it keeps you buoyant and also, water is fluid resistant. Due to your ankle injury, do not focus on kicking much when swimming, focus more on your upper body motion. It also helps in relieving you of the pain you feel because of your ankle injury, due to the water’s soothing ability.

 2. Boat rowing

Even when you can’t swim, you can still do another cardio exercise relating to water. Boat rowing is very good as it strengthens your back muscles and even builds your arm muscles. This definitely doesn’t put further risk on your ankle as you use your arm and back for the balance.

It also improves your balance. Furthermore, it allows you to even bring along your friends to exercise with you. They will not only motivate you but even be able to keep an eye on you should you fall in the water, and could help you get things so that you do not hop about getting whatever you want.

3. Cycling

How can I ride a bicycle when I have an ankle injury? Well, you can ride a cycle but not on your normal bicycle, instead, use an ergo-meter. This allows you to ride the bicycle, but instead of using your legs, you use your hands. Hence, you can still ride the bicycle even if you have an ankle injury.

Note that cardiovascular exercises are good for the heart as they help to keep your heart healthy and lose weight at the same time.

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