3 Common Mistakes That Can Lead to Joint Pains

A lot of people engage in exercises which can result in severe injuries or pains. These pains or injuries are mostly caused by engaging in improper training or exercise techniques. Basically, the pains they go through are a result of the exercises that they engage in. For instance, people who engage in running are likely to develop pains in their hips or knees. Hence engaging in exercise and making it too intense or doing it the wrong way might lead to a severe joint pain

Below are mistakes that you might engage in that might lead to joint pain.

1. Doing too much

When embarking on a new exercise regimen, try not to put too much force or do too much in a short amount of time. It may be easy to get caught up and decide that while a 30 minute workout is good for you, then you might feel that if you add more time to it and engage in it for 2 hours, you are likely to get a painful feeling in your joints, as a result of the force put on it or because you did the exercise a lot longer than you should have. If you are new to an exercise, don’t over exert yourself and only do it as much as your body can tolerate without feeling any pains. This will be good for your joints in the long run.

2. Engaging in the same workout every time

It is very good that you engage in physical activities that you enjoy because it makes it easy to stick to the same exercise, but this might be very harmful for your joints over time. Engaging in the same exercise all the time will make you exercise and put pressure on the same joints every time, which will negatively affect your muscles and at the end of the day, you will most likely have pains in your joints.

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3. Wearing the wrong footwear

When exercising at home or at the gym, you will need to pick the right kind of footwear that fits the exercises that you plan to do. This means that when you are exercising, you need to wear the proper footwear so that your shoes don’t get worn out and you don’t end up injuring yourself. By wearing the wrong footwear, you are liable to injure yourself or put pressure on your joints, which would eventually negatively affect them, resulting in damage or pain in the joints.

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