3 Day Detox Program for Healthy Living, Regular Detox


Detoxification is the removal of physical toxic from an organ or in our case, the whole body. Detox is done by following a diet for your body’s inner and outer cleanses. If you follow this regular Detox routine not only will you lose weight but you’ll also improve your skin and energy levels. The idea behind a Detox diet is to free some energy for the body organs and tissues so they once the Detox is complete, they are refined and good to work more efficiently. I recommend you to plan your Detox a few days before starting it which involves avoiding a few certain food categories and making a couple of changes to your lifestyle.

Detox Preparation:

These instructions need to be acted upon at least 3,4 days before starting your 3 day Detox program.

  • Avoid sugar.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Reduce wheat consumption.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Don’t Stress your mind.

During Detox:

While you are taking the 3 day Detox diet, follow these simple tips to get your desired results. These will help you in speeding up the anti-toxic process.

  • Body brush—you need to regularly dry brush your body before and after you take a shower. Start brushing slowly and direct the brushing towards your heart by slowly increasing the pace.
  • Good morning drinks—you must drink a warm water cup by adding lemon to it. This will help you in kick starting your digestive system.
  • Epsom salt bath—after your day is done, you shall take a bath with Epsom salts. It is highly beneficial for the body to relax.
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Eating Plan:

  • Upon waking: Drink a refreshing ginger lemon Detox drink in the morning to start your day with.
  • Breakfast: Super Detox green juice.
  • Post breakfast snack: Carrot sticks, celery or cucumber.
  • Lunch: Sushi salad or green salad.
  • Tea time snack: Almonds.
  • Dinner: Potassium balanced soup.
  • Desserts: Chia pudding only.
  • Post dinner: Relaxing chamomile tea.

It is preferable that you follow this plan over the course of the weekend for it to work more effectively.

After Detox:

  • Slowly get yourself back into regular routine by taking a few cautions.
  • Keep green foods in your diet. Spinach or kale is good a option.
  • Keep sweating regularly by exercising or tiring your body for your toxins to release through sweat.
  • Keep avoiding sugar so that your body stays on track.

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