3 Day Detox Program for Weight Loss

3 Day Detox Program for Weight LossThis may seem to be a little extreme but trust me a 3 day Detox just means to cleanse your body in a span of a weekend through a diet and some extra yet easy efforts. Before we start, I must make it clear that it doesn’t in any way mean that you’ll just lose all your fat in 3 days by following just a Detox. It is only a period time which helps to purify your body from toxic material present in it. And by no toxic materials it doesn’t mean you have to take a body brush and rub all the toxic off by force. You simply stay off all the unhealthy food you eat for a little while. This will allow the body to get some escape from toxic foods that contain alcohol and sugar in them.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Cutting short on both calories and carbohydrates will help in reducing 3-4 pounds of weight on the completion of this program.
  • More energy will be felt throughout your body. All the organs and even your skin shall be fresh as ever.
  • This challenge will prove to be a confidence booster for anyone pursuing weight loss because of what they have achieved from it, they can expect more in the future.

3-Day Detox Diet:

Start implementing this diet plan on a Friday so that you have the whole weekend to commit to it afterwards.

Day 1:

Many fingers will be raised by even noticing the word “fasting”. Many years of bad and demoralizing studies have led to a fake assumption about fasting being dangerous for the body. When in reality it is immaculately beneficial for the human body. Fasting or not eating for a period of time does wonders for the body. A few advantages of fasting for a day are.

  • High growth hormone levels.
  • Lower insulin.
  • Increased metabolic rate.
  • Reduction of oxidative stress.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Lower triglycerides.
  • Better cholesterol.
  • Weight loss.
  • Improved craving control.
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Start your fasting at 6 in the evening and have your last meal before that. You cannot eat any solid food for the next 24 hours. Only these few drinks are permissible.

  • Apple cider vinegar.
  • Black coffee.
  • Green tea.

Day 2 (Veggies Only):

The second day of your Detox can also be called a veggie fast. For most people’s bodies, nutrition from vegetable are the main thing they are lacking. We recommend taking 4 meals of vegetables only in your day.

11:00am – Meal 1, 1:00pm – Meal 2, 5:00pm – Meal 3, 9:00pm- Meal 4.

Day 3 (Vegetable + Protein):

The only little difference between the second and third day is the little addition of protein into your 1st and 3rd meals. The specified amount of protein for this is 25 grams. Your plan for day 3 will look like this.

11:00am – Meal 1 (Veggies + 25 grams of approved protein).

1:00pm – Meal 2 (Veggies).

5:00pm – Meal 2 (Veggies + 25 grams of approved protein).

9:00pm- Meal 3 (Veggies).

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