3 Day Detox Program For Weight Loss


There are countless versions of various kinds of detox that claim to cleanse your body of dangerous toxins and diseases. However, you need to ignore all these long winded detox programs and try out our 3 day detox program that will satisfy your soul as well as your palate.

In this healthy detox program, you won’t need to use any laxative pills or any other artificial drugs meant to make you lose weight. This program will help you lower your blood and sugar level and also improve your digestion.

#1. Become obsessive about antioxidants

During the 3 day detox program, concentrate on eating green food such as various fruits and vegetables. Also focus on eating whole grain foods and beans. All these foods contain an abundance of antioxidants that activate your liver enzymes that work to screen out any toxic and harmful ingredients in foods and makes them dissolve in water to allow the toxins to be flushed out during urination.

#2. Promote the growth of antioxidants in your body

Many foods like onions, garlic and eggs are chock full of sulfuric compounds that encourage your body to develop antioxidants naturally. Promoting the growth of these natural antioxidants helps in flushing out toxins such as heavy metals like arsenic and mercury.

#3. Become an organic food eater

A lot of the food commonly sold and consumed is filled with artificial preservatives in order to make them last longer. The downside to these preservatives is that they are literally toxic for your body. To stop polluting your body with these toxic and harmful ingredients, you should completely stop buying any such foods. Switch to organic and never look back. Organic food will spare your body all the toxic ingredients and your body health will improve greatly over the long term.

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#4. Drink a lot of water

A major component of a detox is to get rid of all harmful products in your body as quickly as possible. This is done through the process of defecation, urination and sweat. According to a number of scientific studies, drinking at least 8 to 12 glasses of water every day is extremely important to keep your body hydrated and prevent you from over eating, as your stomach will feel full with all that water in it.

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