3 Day Workout Week – Chest Abs Legs Arms Full Body


Building muscle mass is not an easy task. While it is hard and requires a lot of dedication, the main prerequisite is to lift often, lift hard and eat a lot of food. In this article, we will tell you about a workout program that you can practice three days every week, which will help you get into excellent shape.

There are numerous benefits to being healthy and physically fit. Working out makes you feel good and euphoric and exercise modifies the brain in a way similar to drug use. It is the perfect antidote to depression. Follow the three day regimen given in this article and you will notice a difference in less than a week.

#1. Day one

On the first day of your workout, you will need to focus on your chest, back and abs area. To fully engage these areas, you will need to perform a certain set of exercises.

The first thing you should do is 3 or 4 sets of push-ups. Don’t exceed your push up limits but try to do as many push- ups in each set as possible. After that, do some sets of chest expansion exercises. This will tone your abs. Then, do a few sets of pull ups of 5. Cross body crunches will also work wonders for the first day of this detox program.

#2. Day two

On the second day of the detox program, you will need to focus on exercises that use your legs and abs. To start with, do a few sets of squats. Try to aim for between 30 to 60 squats per set. After that, do a few forward lunges, followed by jumping jack exercises. Then do some crunches as well as bicycle crunches. By this point in the second day, you will have started to flush out the dangerous toxins.

#3. Day three

This is the last day of the detox program. On this day, you will focus on exercises that use your arms and abs. For your first exercise, do some chair dips. This will put pressure on your abs and arms and will build muscle mass in them. After that, do some sets of dumbbell curls. Then do some weighted Russian twists (google it if you don’t know what it means). Then do heel touches and lastly, to some leg raises.

Follow this detox program according to the instructions, and in just 3 days, your chest, abs, arms and overall body will be in much better shape.

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