3 Dieting Habits to Avoid

It is not enough that you exercise to help you lose weight. It is also about the food you eat, how healthy it is and how much it is. But even these are not enough. You may still be eating healthy, but still getting fat. In that case, it is probably time that you changed some of your eating habits, that may be contributing to your weight gain, including the following three.

1. You eat too fast

This might look insignificant at first, But it can have a massive impact on your weight loss regime.A British research conducted in 2013, showed that those who ate and swallowed their food faster were more likely to eat again sooner, than those who ate more slowly.This may be that, when you eat more slowly your brain has more time to process the signals, coming from the food, the taste, smell, aroma and etcetera, relishing in them and hence becoming more satisfied and for longer.

It may also be because that eating fast causes the stomach to release excess acid to digest, the plenty of food coming in very quickly and when the digest is over, the excess acid then begins to work on the walls of your gut, which sends signals to your brain that it needs more food to act on and hence the brain releases hunger hormones to make you eat more, increasing body weight.

To prevent this, drop your utensils after every mouthful and while you are chewing thoroughly. You will eventually get used to this, as it may seem excruciatingly slow in the beginning.

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2. You do not plan your shopping

You walk into a supermarket, looking to buy something to eat or food to keep at home and you swear to buy only healthy foods, But do not know exactly which foods. You walk in, then walk out carrying bags of snacks, ice-creams and other unhealthy foods, and now you cannot throw them away or return them. You wonder what happened.

Well a research reported in The Journal of Consumer Research showed that, the people who do not carry a list of the foods they want to buy, end up buying and eating a lot more unhealthy foods, because it is more difficult to practice self-control in an environment where food is displayed to overwhelm you.

3. You drink your calories

According to a research by the University of Kansas Medical Center, those who took a certain amount of calories in their drinks were more likely to get hungry and eat much sooner than those who took the same amount of calories in solid food.

So avoid drinking drinks that are laden with sugar or calories as much as possible. If there is a solid version of a food, go for it than for its liquid version. For example, eat a whole mango than drinking mango juice, or eat cheese, than drinking milk, and so on.

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