3 Diet Foods You Must Ditch to Lose Weight Quickly

3 Diet Foods You Must Ditch to Lose Weight Fast

Many times, we believe that the eating low fat or using diet products will help us losing weight. We also tend to think that if a food label says it is all natural of healthy, then it must be good fit for our weight loss diet plan. However, if you look further into the labels, you will find that there are many ingredients which are anything but healthy.

Let’s talk about some of the foods you should keep out of your diet, because they will actually sabotage your efforts to lose weight. Following are the three foods you should try to avoid if you are seriously want to lose your weight and be healthy.

1. Canned Soups

While canned soups are may be convenient and quick, here are just three reasons why even low-calories canned soups are not good as part of your regular diet:

  • Sodium
  • BPA
  • Taste

All soups are high in sodium, but canned soups are way higher. You also should remember that the many cans are lined with BPA. Research shows that, this chemical  leads to the some cancers and other diseases. Choosing to eat homemade soup over the preservative-tinged flavor because these are injurious for health. Choose the lower-sodium broth and lower-sodium canned beans to add to your soups. We are all more inclined to eat soups during the colder weather, so take advantage of that period of time, make extra, and freeze it in small containers. That way, you have a quick, healthy alternative to canned.

2. Fat-Free Salad Dressings

Salads are near the perfect diet food, low in calories, full of nutrients and filling. But choosing the right dressing is tricky. Many dieters assume fat-free dressings are the best choice. But something has to take the place of the fat, and in the case of the fat free dressings, it’s typically sweeteners. But there is another reason to ditch the fat-free dressing. Research shows that, you can not absorb many nutrients from the salad veggies in the digestive tract without fat.

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3. Diet soda

The one thing that you thought was safe when dieting has come under recent attack and the research is confusing. Some findings suggest that the diet soda drinkers are at the higher risk for developing the diabetes and metabolic syndrome, than those who drink sugared beverages.

Other research suggests that the diet soda consumption promotes abdominal fat and possibly prevents weight loss. What you need to know, a zero-calorie beverage does not cause you to gain weight or prevent loss. But, many opt for the diet soda to make up for other less healthy eating habits. Second, it appears that artificial sweeteners confuse your body chemically. Similar to how a regular soda often makes one feel hungry one or two hour after drinking it, this likely occurs with the diet sodas too, which causes you to eat more later.

Drinking natural fruit and vegetable juices is most probably the best healthy option you should go for.

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