3 Easy Ways to Move Your Muffin Top

3 Easy Ways To Move Your Muffin Top 1

A muffin top is the excessive weight around your love handles and waistline area that makes it look like a muffin top, hence the analogy. While many would say that you should focus only on exercises based upon that fat region of yours to lose it as soon as possible, most studies suggest that you need to start losing weight in general first, because when your body will lose weight as a whole unit, it will automatically reduce fat from your midriff.

Most people gain so much weight during winter, that as soon as spring starts these questions about muffin top reduction start coming in. To reverse the damage you did this winter, try asking a doctor or nutritionist how many calories you should be eating for your age, height and ideal body weight.

These are the best 3 ways to fit back into your boy shorts this spring.

#1. Change Your Diet:

You need to simply apply the eat smart and eat often technique on your regular diet to fix it in no time. Skip the refined carbohydrates and tilt towards low-GI foods which give a rather more sustained supply of energy to your body. These supplies help with stabilizing your blood sugar intake and stop the extra fat gain your body is attempting regularly. Try to have a post breakfast snack like cottage cheese or even an apple. You must also take into account these things:

  • Avoid being distracted by television or your phone when eating your meals.
  • Decrease the overall portion size of your meals.
  • Don’t take any carbohydrate drink.
  • Keep track of your fat intake.
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#2. Focused Exercise:

Spot training is in the past for most fitness experts now because most of the evidence has shown that it doesn’t help with eliminating fat from the required area. The body isn’t that easy to understand. Some parts of it lose fat faster than the others. A large sum of fat is retained around the abdominal area.

The fastest way to lose excess fat on your body is to do the basic exercises that help with losing overall fat. Even though exercises that are focused on the abdomen area definitely help with toning that area, we’ll suggest focusing on building muscle mass because more muscle mass means higher metabolic rate and hence, weight loss!

#3. Improve Lifestyle:

Improving your life style does not mean that you need to earn more or attain more luxuries. It simply means you should adopt a healthier way of life. There is a very high chance that your granddad is slimmer than you; the reason for this being the human race’s harmful changes to its way of living.

The food we eat these days contains various contaminants that most people are unaware of. With the injection of electronics and gadgets into our lives, more stress, anxiety and disorganization has come along. We have so much to do on our hands these days that none of it can be done properly. People that still lead a simple life and don’t value money over their health are healthier.

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