3 Exercises to Do While Driving

Every moment that passes by has a lot of significance attached to it, the little exercises you carry out in either the gm or in your house hold can count. But sometimes our various works or activities seems to make us engage in them quit a lot, then we forget our daily exercise routine. Though you can always exercise in the gym, house, streets or anywhere, but we are here to make it clear that exercise can be done anywhere you find yourself either when driving or during your commute at work.

The following is a list of three exercises which can be done when driving or during the commute and at work as well.

1. Calf raises

This exercise can be carried out at any place, such as your work desk, or also in the car. Its quit easy and it also helps to stretch the whole body and gets you active the whole day.

  • Start with both feet on the floor at shoulders wide apart.
  • Raise calves slowly while tightening the calf muscles.
  • Lower and repeat the calf raise

This workout can be done anytime as it is compatible and very easy too. It can also be turned into static exercise by holding the calves for about 30 seconds or so.

2. Side twist

This is actually easy, it focuses more on the core and it will really help tone your abs during the commute. This workout can be done on your seat while driving or riding along as a passenger.

  • Sit upright and begin to tighten your abdominal area, while keeping both feet on the ground and facing forward.
  • Start by twisting your upper body slightly to the left and then slightly to the right. This motion should be done as slowly as possible while continuing face forward.
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However, this exercise is carried out in order to make sure, that the abdominal muscles are contracted throughout the workout. Although this workout will not render a perfect six-pack, but it will help to shape and tone the core.

3. Grip squeeze

This workout is a little bit different from others as it consist of small movement. Also it requires an item that is needed for this exercise which is a hand grip. A hand grip is known as a workout device which is used for strengthening the forearms as well as the grip.

  • The first step is to get a hand grip at your local sporting goods stores. They offer many different styles and tensions, depending on individual strength
  • Squeeze the hand grip with the right hand and then alternate to the left. Make sure you keep a track of how many repetitions are being done with each hand.

Grip squeeze can help in the reduction of stress on a tough day and it is best done in the car.

Image courtesy of: whosdrivingyou.org, youtube.com, aliexpress.com.

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