3 Exercises to Work off Your Waist

The waist is one part of the body that is tough to manage when it comes to fitness and weight loss, and women are especially concerned about this. This makes some people resolve to take help from waist trainers or drugs that will apparently slim down their waist. Interestingly, with the right moves, you really do not need waist trainers or drugs that could have negative side effects on your body. Below are 3 effective exercises to work off your waist.

1. Kick, twist, and arabesque

To do this, sit with your feet and palms rooted to the floor and your fingers kept to the back. Then, lift your hips, and move towards to your toes while you extend your left arm and right leg up. Your right inner thigh should be facing upwards. Now, rotate your torso as you place your left hand and right knee on the floor, with your left leg extended up. Return to the original position and repeat the process.

2. Squat to rotating press

Begin by standing upright with your feet a bit wider than your hip-width. Hold dumbbells together in front of your body and push back your hips. At this point, bend your knees and lower yourself to get into the squat position, while you touch the dumbbells to the floor.

Once that is done, press through your heels in order to extend your legs while you curl weights up toward your chest, with your abs sucked in. Press the weights overhead immediately as you rotate your upper body right and your left heel pivoted up. Return quickly to the starting position and repeat the process on the other side, then repeat and keep alternating.

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3. Tuck and inner thigh

To do this exercise, sit with your feet and palms rooted to the floor and keep your fingers facing back. Now, lift and cross your right ankle over your left thigh, and lift your left arm whilst you bend it. Push your hips up gently, and at the same time uncross your right leg and extend it upwards. Return to the original position and repeat the process.

If you will keep up with these moves consistently, there will be noticeable changes within weeks. To see more effective results, follow a healthy diet routine.

Image courtesy of: health.com, pinimg.com, nutritionclub.ca.

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