3 Foods That Age You Faster

No one wants to look like a 60-year old when they’re in their twenties. As a result, a lot of people pay more attention to what they can eat or do that will slow down the aging process, without really considering the foods that activate aging.

Although different things can influence aging, ranging from genetics to exposure to the sun and environmental factors, what you eat still plays a major role in how your body functions. Below are 3 foods that age you faster.

1. Partially hydrogenated oils

These oils are found in highly processed foods. They spread inflammation throughout the body and create free radicals that may damage the DNA. This will lead to the malfunctioning of affected cells, leading to them becoming impaired or dead. Foods in this category include fried foods, vegetable shortening, packaged snacks, coffee creamers, and margarine.

2. Refined carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are similar to refined sugar in the body, as they are converted to glucose which runs in the blood. When the blood absorbs too much of it, it can wreak havoc on the insulin levels and also encourage insulin resistance over time. Eat foods rich in fiber that can be absorbed into the blood stream and reduce the absorption of carbs. Some of the fiber-rich foods to eat include; eggs, vegetables, unsweetened nut butters, whole grains and fresh or frozen unsweetened fruits.

3. Excess sugar

Sugary foods are rich in accessible energy and are absorbed into the blood as glucose. When you eat sugary things, the sugar cruises around your body, causing damage to it, and can lead to loss of collagen in the skin and encourage wrinkles. It can also damage the mitochondria in your cells, which can lead to the degeneration of memory, vision and reduced energy. Other risk factors of excess sugar includes diabetes and heart disease. Low-fat yogurt, chocolate milk, fruit juice, and ketchup are examples of foods with excess sugar, and should be taken in strict moderation.

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In addition, stress and lack of sleep can also increase the risk of aging. While you watch your diet, ensure that you live a healthy and stress-free life. You can engage in stress-relieving exercises like yoga and breathing exercises to improve your mood.

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