3 Foods that Stimulate Fatigue

Has it ever occurred to you where you find yourself feeling extremely tired for no apparent reason. If you have been there, you will understand when I say that within that period, the only thought that keeps circumambulating your mind is why am I tired?

I have the answer to that some studies have indicated that such a state of extreme fatigue can be induced by certain types of foods you may have consumed. So in this article, I will be explaining to you how certain types of foods have been marked to induce such a state.

1. Alcohol

I am sure you already know that alcohol possess one of the highest propensities of inducing tiredness. You may be wondering why alcohol is the first in the list of foods, considering that it is not a food. While that remains true, you will also agree with me that alcohol has become almost-customary, that high number of people have made it a staple in their diets.

So the fact about drinking alcohol is that it does not only damage your liver and other internal organs, it can also significantly affect your energy level because it is generally a depressant. Each time you take in a glass of alcohol, it simultaneously slows down the speed at which neurotransmitters are produced.

Thereby causing nerve impulses to take longer periods in reaching the brain which in turn causes fatigue and sluggishness.

2. Sugars

Similar to alcoholic substances sugars, which are at times referred to as simple carbohydrates do not only damage your internal organs and give rise to a host of health complications, they are affect your energy levels. These foods have been known to have a high glycemic index (GI), making you vulnerable to a spike in your blood sugar levels.

Some of which have been noted to contain a high GI level are certain types of sugary cereals, baked products with excess sugar and bread that is made from refined sugar among other things.

You should also bear in mind that while certain sugary foods and drinks may initially supply your body with energy, it will all be thwarted when insulin is pumped into the bloodstream, to minimize your blood sugar level.

3. Fatty Foods

Some fatty foods have also been spotted to cause a decline in your energy levels. The reason why fatty foods cause fatigue is because fats have been known to be the most calorific, when compared to proteins and carbohydrates, therefore it takes more energy to break it down.

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