3 Foods That Will Boost Endorphin Levels

Endorphins are among the chemicals responsible for how you feel, especially when you feel good. When they are high, your moods will be lighter, and vice-versa.

There are ways you can increase the quantities of these endorphins released in your body, and hence improve your mood, and one of them is by eating. And particularly by eating certain foods. Here are the foods you should eat to improve your mood:

1. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a very delicious treat for many people especially kids. They feel happy eating it, and this joy in eating it comes as a result of the endorphins produced.

2. Spices

Spices are usually very hot and irritate your body, which then responds by releasing endorphins to soothe the pain and relieve the irritation.

Spices also contain endorphins of their own that enter into the bloodstream to raise endorphin levels, as well as certain compounds the body uses to make endorphins of its own.

3. Ice cream

Ice cream is a delicious treat that helps to boost endorphins into the body, mainly because of its high sugar content. Most types of ice-creams are also filled with vitamins which aid in the production of endorphins.

But ice cream should only be eaten occasionally if you are looking to boost your mood since it is filled with sugars which give you a temporary high, followed by a massive crash.

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