3 Good Habits That are Actually Healthy but are Usually Considered Bad


The fitness journey will ordinarily be hard enough, but it gets worse when you erroneously give up on some good habits, all because they have been wrongly tagged as being bad. At the end of the day, there are too many strict rules on when to sleep, what to eat, how much you eat, how much to exercise and so on. And the truth is that some habits that are considered bad, are actually good. Below are a few:

1. Get dirty

Getting dirty is probably the last thing you would think of in order to stay healthy, but then, when you are close to being perfectly clean, you won’t be helping your immune system either. You can actually strengthen your immune system by handling literal dirt, due to its health-promoting microbes.

If on the other hand, you are not really exposed to dirt, there will be an increased risk of developing asthma, hay fever, and the likes. It doesn’t have to be too much either, but you can allow some dirt once in a while.

2. Drink more coffee

Coffee may have its bad effects if taken consistently, but it still doesn’t stop you from enjoying the benefits it has to offer.

Drinking coffee works effectively for heart health and studies have also proven it to reduce dementia risk, which is as a result of the caffeine and other compounds in it. So, grab your coffee and drink up, but in moderation.

3. Eat breakfasts

In the bid to lose weight, some people believe that they have to skip meals, which isn’t true at all. You don’t have to skip a meal, especially breakfast! This may work and you find out that you are losing some fat, but then, when you think you are done, your body may react and backfire.

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Eating breakfasts plays a great role by improving your metabolism for the rest of the day. To be on the safe side, eat the right breakfast and you won’t have to eat till you are hungry again. You can opt for foods that are rich in protein or fiber, to keep you full and energized for long hours.

Above all, moderation is really important and going overboard on both good and bad things will only make matters worse.

image couresy: travel-beauty-health.com.

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