3 Great Shoes for Training

Most people do not bother with, what to wear on their feet while training, even though it is very important. What you wear can immobilize some muscles so they are not worked during the exercise, or they can help provide comfort and support for your legs, when doing a hard exercise. These and many more reasons are why you should take care, that what you wear while training, very seriously.

The following are three great shoes you can wear while training.

1. Inov-8 f-lite 235 v2

These shoes are really light, allowing for more muscles to be worked during your workout. They are also much lower to the ground, with a very flexible out-sole.

The heel rubber is also very dense and compact, providing you with great support when landing and a mesh at the top allows air in for ventilation, so your legs stink less.

The sides are a little wide, providing more room for your leg, but it will still feel like its molded perfectly for your legs.

2. New balance minimus 20v6

These shoes are also made with light materials to allow for more muscles to be worked during your workout, a clever tongue design that does not bounce around in the gym, irritating your legs.

There is also support for your heels when landing, by a foam collar and the toe box is wide and roomy, with a mesh at the top to provide ventilation from sweaty and smelly feet.

The soles are also lined with friction materials to give you better grip and traction with the ground, especially for doing lifts and other exercises that require a strong grip with the ground.

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3. UA charged ultimate 2.0

Usually when doing lifts, your feet become wet and warm. But not in these shoes. The knitted mesh on top of the toe box provides ample ventilation to remove sweat and stink.

Their clunky appearance disguises the fact, that they are light, increasing the number of muscles that are worked during your workout and the inner foam sock liners provide increased support for your feet.

The bounciness of the soles also helps with landing and support and that irritating problem when the tongue of your shoes moves about inside, is solved by a new clever tongue design.

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