The 3 Hardest Ab Exercises

Let’s see how tough you are. Try these 3 midsection-crushing moves which happen to be some of the most advanced exercises on the planet. They will help fortify your torso in diverse angles and in diverse ways so you’ll be prepared for all the movement introduced by your core – which is the foundation of every move you make.

1. Banana roll

Don’t be deceived, as sweet as the name may be, this form of exercise is actually really tough. And its foundation stuff: Rolling is something very peculiar to babies. But at the same time, most children have lost. You can get it back with this time of exercise.

Lie on your back, having your arms stretched overhead, leg straight out. Lift into a “deep” station – arms and legs lifted, lower back forced into the ground, heads in line with your arms.

Occupy your core and roll your left making use of your abdominal muscles, not hips. Keep rolling until you’re on your stomach and are in a superman flying position. Try rolling back the way you came. Now roll to the right onto your stomach and return to start again.

2. Barbell hip thrust

This exercise doesn’t necessarily target your abs; it does target other core muscles like the glutes and hips. This move is one of the best exercises for stimulating and solidifying your backside.

Begin by sitting on the ground with a bench behind you and a laden barbell over your hips. Your shoulders and upper back should be on the bench. Drive through your feet and stretch your hips by , diminishing your glutes, levitating the bar until your body forms a straight line from shoulders to knees. Go back to your starting point and repeat.

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3. Barbell floor wiper

I personally feel that any list of advanced core moves should have an example from the “300” workout. This variant on the typical prostrate move includes a challenge: holding a laden barbell straight in from of your chest throughout the move.

Hold a barbell with one 45-pound plate on each side. Lie on your back and hold the bar right over the chest with straight arms. Ensure that your feet are together and legs straight as you bring both feet up to the left plate then take them back to the floor. Next, bring your legs up to the right plate and return them to the floor.

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