3 Health Trends That Are Not Healthy

Unlike what a lot of people think, not all health trends are actually healthy, some are just hype and not what they are claimed to be. In trying to lose weight, you might become so desperate that you don’t pay very close attention to all the advice you are getting, and end up settling for a health trend that isn’t worth it. However, these products and techniques can expose your health to a lot of risks, which is why you should do all you can to avoid them. Below are some health trends that aren’t actually healthy.

1. Cleansing away toxins with juice fasts

Some people fail to realize the body is self-cleansing, and the kidneys can naturally get rid of toxins, without any added supplements. You might have heard or read somewhere how avoiding solid foods and taking particular juices or even detoxifying supplements can help to clear your digestive system of toxins. You really do not need any detoxifying pill or certain juices to help clear your body, to avoid adverse effects to your health that may expose you to many other risks.

2. Colonic hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy is often used in med-spas and alternative health centers to detoxify the body and treat certain conditions like chronic fatigue and constipation. It is done by getting a rubber tube inserted into the colon and some additives and about 20 gallons of water are pumped in; a technician will then massage the abdomen to help loosen stool and release toxins with the water and additives already in the colon, then the water is flushed out. This method might help in a way, but it isn’t backed up by science, so you might just be complicating a lot of things and causing problems for yourself a s a result of the hydrotherapy.

3. Cutting carbs like crazy

Cutting certain carbs from your diet actually helps, but you really do not have to reduce all carbs. It is generally said that carbs are bad, which is a myth, because not all are as bad as they are painted to be; you just have to learn to choose the right ones. Choose the fiber-rich ones that will keep you feeling full for longer hours and also improve cognitive ability and body function. The best option to go for are complex carbs, some of which include beans, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal.

These unhealthy “health” trends will not only waste your money, but also expose you to many unnecessary risks.

image courtesy of: theprofitrecipe.com, remediesforme.com, coloncleansenc.com, funlifefitness.com.au.

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