3 Healthy Foods That Look Strange

You know that saying, “do not judge a book by its cover”. Well that applies to these foods you are about to read in a moment. They are packed with nutrients and minerals, doing all sorts of jobs in your body, massively improving your health and even lengthening your days.

The following are three foods that are extremely good for you, but look extremely hideous.

1. Kiwifruit

Kiwifruits usually look fuzzy and brown, signs that you should throw it away. But it has great amounts of nutrients and minerals such as, vitamin C, which boosts the immune system and also preventing oxidative damage to cells by combating free radicals released from chemical reactions in cells that, could otherwise cause inflammations, leading to cancers, cardiovascular diseases, skin blemishes and many others. It contains more than twice the vitamin C profile of most citrus fruits.

Kiwifruits are also good for weight loss, as they contain fiber, which helps to make you feel full for longer, so you do not overeat. Sugars are also released more slowly into the blood from the gut, due to the presence of this fiber, reducing the chances of diabetes, some cardiovascular diseases and many other sugar complications developing.

This fiber also reduces the chances of gastrointestinal complications occurring, due to the fact that it flexes the digestive tracts, preventing constipation and bloating and it also contains live harmless bacteria that increase the population of the beneficial bacteria in your gut, improving digestion and crowding out harmful bacteria.

2. Black rice

This rice truly looks disgusting, like small black maggots, but they are superpowers in the health world. Once revered and reserved for princes in Asia, this food contains so much antioxidants, that they change the color of the rice to black. These antioxidants as earlier stated, perform a variety of different functions in the body and are the reason why black rice is known as a healing food. The minerals, fiber and vitamins contained in this food are also great for the body.

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3. Celeriac root

Look at this food, it is absolutely hideous. But this food is great for bones due to the massive amounts of vitamin K it contains, and its very low calorie content and high fiber levels, make it a great food to add to any dieting plan.

Image courtesy by: gourmetfamilyfood.files.wordpress.com, decentad.com.

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