3 Healthy Habits You Should Give up in 2017

2016 is almost over and it is about that time you made your New Year resolutions. While you go about listing tons of healthy habits to pick up, be careful of the bad ones that actually seem healthy but are not. Perhaps you’ve been keeping some of these habits in 2016, well it’s time to let go! Here are a few habits you should certainly ditch in 2017.

1. Drinking processed fruit juice

You have probably read somewhere or heard from someone, that drinking fruit juice will give you as much benefits as eating fruits. This is simply not true, as fruit juices will not give you the exact benefits you will get from fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, processed fruit juices are generally unhealthy as they usually still contain some added sugar. Also, when you extract the juice from the fruits or vegetables, you are likely to remove all the fiber in it, and fiber happens to be a key ingredient in fruits, which is part of why we even take them at all.

2. Using BMI to determine if you are at a healthy weight

While using the Body Mass Index to check your health status may be reasonable, relying on it or drawing your conclusion from it is not totally advisable. BMI is not a great measure of fitness when used on its own and studies show, that it is deficient given the fact that it doesn’t point out basic things like, how much fat is in your body and your waist circumference. Use the BMI but don’t place all your bets on its results in isolation.

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3. Taking multivitamin tablets daily

The weight of evidence from the studies conducted so far indicate, that synthetic vitamins have no effect. At least, not on people who are already taking a healthy balanced diet. It is very important to keep up with your healthy eating as your main source of nutrition and vitamins. There are a lot of fitness myths that sound healthy, making the rounds and you can’t be blamed if you have fallen for any of these in the past. However, now that we’ve shown you these facts, don’t make these mistakes in 2017.

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