3 Keys to Mastering Your Motivation

3 Keys to Mastering Your Motivation 2

It has become a modern narcissistic mindset of most people to believe themselves to be ambitious and significant people. Everyone likes to think that their dreams and goals are worthwhile and make them important in the grand scheme of things. However, delusions of grandeur do not always translate to proper motivation that will help you achieve your goals.

In this article, we will teach you some lessons that will help you get out of the delusion of false ambition and motivation. You can realize true motivation and set out to accomplish what you really want to in life.

#1. Force yourself to be proactive

Analyze your personality and try to objectively understand your motivations for doing different things. The reason for doing this is to get an understanding of how your actions are affecting your health and lifestyle.

For example, you may have stopped keeping count of the amount of calories and fats you take in your food, or how you have stopped going on long walks after dinner to digest food and lose weight. To get back into your stride, start practicing these things again.

#2. Set simple and achievable goals

If you have noticed that your ambition and motivation levels have drastically dropped over the previous years, then you can start setting simple goals for yourself, to get into the habit of making decisions and sticking to them.

For example, tell yourself that you’ll drink at least 14 glasses of water every day and then actually do it daily. Set similar tasks for yourself and soon you’ll be able to make significant decisions without getting a panic attack.

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#3. You shouldn’t specifically define your goals for becoming motivated

The aspect of your personality that gives you your genuine motivation is not in your conscious control. In reality, it might actually the other way round. Maybe the best way for you to get true motivation and inspiration is to stop wondering about those issues for a few days or week. Just go on a vacation to a peaceful, natural place and don’t worry about motivation.

You may find that spending your afternoons sitting on a wooden porch in a forest cabin will give you more ideas and motivation than lounging around on the couch in your city home.

Follow the above steps and you will soon notice a significant improvement in your motivation levels.

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