3 Metabolism Myths Holding You Back From Weight Loss

Metabolism is the process of burning calories in the body and it happens naturally without you having to exert any effort; but increasing the metabolic rate (speed) helps it to work better. Trimming down on calories is a great way to boost your metabolism, and this can be done by engaging in exercises and healthy eating habits. However, there are some myths that have been associated with it that may have been holding you back from weight loss. Here are some of them

1. You just have to worry about calories

Calories matter when it comes to boosting metabolism, as explained above, but you really don’t have to focus on just calories. Worrying all day about how many calories to consume, may have you eating less than you should and cut back on basic nutrients, while you spend so much time exercising. If you focus on eating healthy regularly, trimming down on calories won’t be an issue. Also, if you don’t eat enough as you should, the workouts may burn muscle mass instead of fat and you may not even see the results of your workouts.

2. There is no good way to assess the balance of hormones without blood testing

The question now is: do you really need a blood test? Oh yes, you do, as it is required to diagnose diseases like diabetes. However, you really don’t have to go for blood testing to know how your hormones are fairing. You can use biofeedback techniques like your hunger, energy, and cravings. It will help you to understand your body better, even before you go for any blood testing at all, It can also help with early diagnosis.

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3. The body can easily burn fat and build muscle at the same time

While this may be true, it won’t be advisable for beginners in weight loss. This is because they will find it difficult to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. You will need to build muscle in order not to burn your muscle mass along with fat, but since it won’t be so easy doing it simultaneously, you can focus on one at a time.

These are common myths needed to be debunked.

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