3 Misconceptions About Weight Loss & Fitness


Fitness is the new beautiful thing, there’s no doubt about that. However, it is not an easy feat to accomplish; if it were so, virtually everyone will be on one fitness regimen or the other. Fitness requires time and effort, and no matter how easy your fitness routine may seem like, you’ll still have to dedicate your time and be committed to it. There are different information flying around today, in magazines, newspapers, blogs, and so on. It is enough that losing weight and staying fit isn’t easy, but what is more difficult is finding the right information to settle down with, especially if you’ve read from different sources.

There are many misconceptions about weight loss and fitness today that if you aren’t careful, you are likely to fall into the trap and confuse yourself about a lot of things, which can affect you in so many ways. Below are 3 highlighted misconceptions that you should know.

1. Focus more on walking daily rather than a fad fitness class

So many people find this difficult to believe, but it is actually true. You can make fitness easier for yourself by incorporating walking. Take a walk after a meal or when you get home from walk; choose to park your car a bit farther to enable you to walk down to the entrance of wherever you are going to; quit the elevator and take the stairs. All these may just be more beneficial than signing up for a fitness class. It works effectively, and also saves you some money that you could have spent on a class.

2. Eat regularly to avoid overeating later on

You don’t have to wait till you are really hungry, and then you pile so much food to eat. The body requires to be nourished every three hours, in order to boost the activities going on in the body, and also to provide energy. Eating regularly, when you should, will prevent you from being too hungry and eating too much when you could have just taken little. Also, being too hungry can cause a drop in your blood glucose level, which can be a threat to your health.

3. Cheat meals can make you healthier

One of the ways to keep yourself happy while you try to lose weight, is by incorporating cheat meals into your diet plan. It doesn’t disrupt your fitness goal or take you back the lane, like some people fear. You can take chocolates, ice cream, red wine, once in a while as you feed on a healthy and balanced diet. The bacteria in your GI tract is beneficial to your health and they need to be fed. However, this can be misleading, so it’s best you draw out a proper diet plan with the cheat meals included and when to take them. It is usually advisable not to turn cheat meals into cheat days to avoid returning to square-one in your fitness plan.

Getting the right information is very important in the success of your weight loss and fitness.

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